Organic Chemistry Ozonolysis of Alkenes

Ozonolysis of Alkenes

Oh-ho! What happens when mighty Ozone(O3) meets alkenes. With few more reagents to do the reductive workup ((CH3)2S or Zn/H2O) it give two entirely different products. They can be aldehydes or ketones. Cool right? But not so cool if you can’t remember this reaction in your organic chemistry exam. So here is a little help …

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Organic Chemistry Oxymercuration & Demercuration of Alkenes

Oxymercuration & Demercuration of Alkenes

Hey pals! Here is a simple poster we prepared to help you remember the reactions of oxymercuration & demercuration of alkenes which is a bit hard to remember. Somewhat similar to hydroboration reaction, here first, Hg(OAc)2 & H2O are added forming a alkylmercuric acetate intermediate. Then plucking off the mercuric part is done by NaBH4. …

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Organic Chemistry Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes

Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes

Hydrohalogenation! Hydro = H & halogen = X(Cl,Br,I). So what happens in this reaction is H & X gets added to a alkene, making the double bond disappear. That’s it! So here is a little image we prepared which shows this nice reaction and things to remember that are associated with it. It will definitely …

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Organic Chemistry Halogenation & Halohydration of Alkenes

Halogenation & Halohydration of Alkenes

These are two important reactions in organic chemistry synthesis. Both the reactions form a halonium ion as an intermediate. To this halonium ion nucleophiles like -Br or -OH can be added. In halogenation, a halogen molecule like Br2 and CCl4 as the solvent are added as reagents. In halohydration, Br2 and H2O as the solvent …

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Organic Chemistry Epoxidation of Alkenes & Halohydrins

Epoxidation of Alkenes & Halohydrins

Epoxides can be synthesized by either using alkenes of halohydrins. When a alkene is reacted with a peroxycarboxylic acid like mCPBA(meta-Chloroperoxybenzoic acid) an epoxide is formed. Or simply adding a strong base like NaOH to a halohydrin, gives a epoxide end product. So why not create a poster for these cool reactions! Here you have …

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Organic Chemistry Dehydration of Alkenes

Dehydration of Alkenes

There you go! A nice little poster which shows the dehydration reaction of alcohols. This reaction gives alkenes as the end product. But there are few factors you should remember about this seemingly simple reaction. We believe this poster would come handy. E1 or E2 mechanism Carbocation rearrangements can occur More Organic Chemistry Posters/Cheatsheets Free …

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Organic Chemistry Reactions of Nitriles

Reactions of Nitriles

Here are some reactions that nitriles undergo with necessary reagents under certain conditions. All in a nice little poster with all the reactions you need to know about nitriles to nail your basic organic chemistry exam. Nitrile Synthesis from R-Br & R-OTs Nitriles with DIBAL-H Nitriles with Grignard reagents Nitriles with LiAlH4 Nitriles to carboxylic …

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Organic Chemistry Hydroboration & Oxidation of Alkenes

Hydroboration & Oxidation of Alkenes

Hey organic chemistry learners! Here is a little something to help you remember the hydroboration & oxidation of alkenes which is considered as a bit tricky to remember. Here first, BH3 & THF are added and then a intermediate with -BH2 is formed. Afterwards upon adding H2O2 with NaOH the -BH2 is replaced by an …

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